Bethersden Primary School

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)


PSHE and RSE at Bethersden Primary aims to provide the children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to lead healthy lives and form caring relationships. We aim to ensure that children explore issues in a sensitive and informed way so that they are prepared for challenges and situations that they encounter on a daily basis and later in life. Children should learn to ask moral questions and make their own decisions about their health, wellbeing and education.


We follow the PSHE Association’s question-based model for PSHE and teach RSE lessons in accordance with the DFE guidance (RSE and Health Education; Statutory Guidance, Feb 2019). This is also intertwined with Discovery Education’s Health and Relationship programme that cover a complete set of Relationships and Health Education objectives for Primary Schools. There are six topics in the programme, revisited every year from years 1 to 6.

  • Healthy and happy relationships
  • Similarities and differences
  • Caring and responsibility
  • Families and committed relationships
  • Healthy bodies, healthy minds
  • Coping with change

Teaching takes place in a variety of ways, from role-play and discussion to written work and independent thinking activities. Lessons centre around broadening children’s understanding of the world around them and managing their own responses appropriately, aiming for the children to feel empowered to make informed choices.


PSHE and RSE provide children with a vital understanding of core principles required to stay safe and healthy. Children have opportunities to explore a range of different relationships, including friendships and different family structures, and develop key life skills such as how to look after their body and mental health, how to manage money, and how to demonstrate tolerance and empathy towards others. PSHE and RSE education helps children to grow into productive, well-rounded individuals and Bethersden’s curriculum forms a strong foundation for further work in secondary schools.

Curriculum and Progression Documents

PSHE/RSE Curriculum Map 2023-24

PSHE/RSE Knowledge and Skills Progression

PSHE/RSE Vocabulary Progression