Bethersden Primary School

Vision & Values

At Bethersden Primary School, our vision is to provide an educational setting where:

  • Children feel safe and secure
  • Children are offered a curiculum which is engaging and ambitious; which will set them up for success at secondary school and beyond
  • Children are offered a wide range of exciting and memorable opportunities and experiences

We have six school values, which underpin our school community:

  • Belonging- every member of our community is important and belongs here. Like any high performing team, we work together, support each other and are proud to be part of our school. 
  • Compassion- we think about and consider other people's feelings and thoughts. We are kind to one another, and understand that we, and others, make mistakes sometimes.
  • Respect- every interaction we have is underpinned by respect. We respect ourselves, others and our environment. 
  • Collaboration- working together makes us stronger. 
  • Creativity- we thrive on opportunities to be creative, and come up with our own ideas. Creativity means that there doesn't always need to be a right answer, but instead celebrates our individuality and different opinions. 
  • Resilience- we know that change can be difficult, but we have a range of strategies to help ourselves in more difficult moments- whether that be through talking to others, focusing on the positives ahead, or looking after ourselves.