Bethersden Primary School

Badger Class

This page will be updated throughout the year with information about our topics and learning that we will be focusing on. Please check out our school twitter page to see regular photos of our incredible learning journey.

Class team

Class Teacher: Mrs A Evans

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs P Batt

Class documents

badger term 5 timetable 2023 2024 docx.pdf



This term, we will be exploring Charlotte's Web. Through discussions, drama, character analysis and creative narratives, the children will get a strong understanding of the text and use key events to inspire their own writing. To support this, each week, the class will have SPaG sessions in which they will explore new aspects of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Each week, the children will be expected to access Spelling Shed to practise new and old spellings.

As well-developed reading skills are vital to enabling children to access all areas of the primary curriculum, in Year 4/5, the children will undertake reading activities, in which they will further develop their comprehension skills by exploring and analysing texts using ‘VIPERS’ questions. Your child will bring home a reading record and home reading book. We ask that children read for 20 minutes each day and would be grateful if this could be recorded to show that this has taken place. In this way, we hope to enthuse the children and make them realise that books can open up a world of endless possibilities.


In Maths this term, year 4 will begin their Power Maths learning by exploring fractions and decimals as well as a continued focus on multiplication.

In Maths this term, year 5 will begin their Power Maths by focusing on Geometry.

In Key Stage Two, it is even more important now that they develop a secure understanding of their times tables. This year, year 4s will be required to complete the Multiplication Tables Check so any additional practice outside of school will be extremely beneficial. The children should now have a secure understanding of their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. Every child has access to Times Table Rockstars, which is a fantastic resource that we urge every child to make the most of. The children have their own log ins and can be accessed via this link:

Wider Learning

This year we will continue to use the ‘Cornerstones curriculum’ to support our wider learning.

Our main topic across the next two terms is called ‘The Groundbreaking Greeks’; it is a history-based unit that will help children understand six periods of ancient Greece history. Children will also explore the legacies left by these ancient civilisations.   

Science – In our project, the children will learn about 'Properties and Changing Materials.' This project teaches children about the wider properties of materials and their uses. They learn about mixtures and how they can be separated using sieving, filtration and evaporation. They study reversible and irreversible changes, and use common indicators to identify irreversible changes.

Art – The art topic for term 4 is ' Expressionism.This project teaches children about key artists such as Edvard Munch . The children will explore different ways to portray feelings and emotions and will culminate in a self-portrait. 

Computing – We will continue to follow the ‘Teach Computing’ curriculum and we will continue to look at 'Media Graphics'

R.E – Our topic is going  to explore 'If God is everywhere, why do we need places of worship?'  This enables pupils to explore different religious and spiritual ways and compare and consider places of worship and there importance to people. There are opportunities for children to learn about their emotions and to ask thought-provoking questions. Stories are often used to support the learning.

PSHE – We are going to be focusing on 'Coping with Change.' This will cover content on respecting ourselves and understanding age related content regarding understanding puberty. Year 4 and 5 children will be focusing on separate content for the areas covered. We will also focus on sun safety.

P.E – We are going to be focusing on 'Tennis' this term. Our P.E day is Monday at the moment as we have a  coach supporting the children with their skill development.  Please make sure they come into school wearing their full P.E kit on this day. We also have Forest School on Wednesday so wellies and possible wet weather gear will be needed.

Home Learning Reminders

Homework will be set on a Tuesday and is to be completed by the following Monday This will be a worksheet the children will be given to complete at home.

As well as your home learning we encourage children to read every day to support their reading fluency and vocabulary.

We also encourage children to access TTRS to help improve their times table knowledge.