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            Deer Class

Welcome to our Deer class page, we are in our last two terms in Year 2. This year has sped by and we have learnt so much already!

Below you will find further information about your child’s learning over the next two terms.

Class team

Class Teacher ( Tuesday to Friday): Miss N Proctor
Class teacher ( Mondays): Mrs R Bilham
Learning Support Assistant: Miss C Giles ( 9 - 10.30am)

Learning in Term 5 and 6

In terms 5 and 6, we are continuing to use the ‘Cornerstones curriculum’ to supplement our wider learning.

Our main topic across term 5 and 6 is called ‘Magnificent Monarchs’, it is a History based unit which teaches the children about the English and British monarchy from AD 871 to the present day. Using timelines, information about royal palaces, portraits and other historical sources they will build up an understanding of the different monarchs.

Science– Our science project will be ‘Animal Survival’ This project teaches children about growth in animals by exploring the lifecycle of some familiaranimals. They will build on previous learning about the survival of humans by idetifying the basic needs of animals for survival, including air, water, food and shelter. 

Art– Our art project will be ‘ Portraits and Poses' This project teaches children about portraiture. They will analyse the portraits of Tudor monarchs and compare Tudor portraits with selfies today. They will create their own royal portraits.

D.T - Our first D.T project is called ' Push and Pull.' This project teaches the children about different mechanisms- sliders, levers and linkages. The second project is called 'Cut, stitch and join.' In this project the children will learn about fabric home products and the designer Cath Kidson. They will learn running stitch and make a bag tag.

P.E – We will be focusing on ‘ Cricket.’ Our P.E day is Monday, please make sure they come into school wearing their full P.E kit on this day.

PSHE – We will be talking about 'families and relaionships' and move on to 'coping with change.' We will also continue to explore the school values and what they mean to us.

R.E- We will be learning about how we should care for others in the world and why does it matter.


The whole class will have an English lesson everyday, with a focus on a key text , where we will be developing the children’s reading skills (VIPERS) as well as developing their writing skills. Our Key texts over the next two terms are 'Queen Victoria's bathing machine' and 'Alice in Wonderland.' Every Monday we will also have a specific session on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)

To support the children with their spelling, a weekly activity will be set on Spelling Shed for the children to access . They have the log in and password in their reading diaries.

You can access Spelling Shed via this link:

Reading/ comprehension Skills

We will continue to develop the children’s phonic knowledge using the Read Write Inc phonic scheme (RWI). We have carefully grouped the children so that each child is being supported, yet challenged, ensuring excellent reading progress.  Children who are continuing their learning journey in the RWI scheme will have one book assigned to them digitally on the Oxford Owl website each Thursday, this book will be linked to their phonic level and their RWI lessons. They will also have a physical RWI reading book , which is changed twice a week and is also matched correctly to their phonic level.  The RWI book on the Oxford owl website will remain online for a few days and should be re-read to develop fluency, this will be updated when they have been introduced to a new book at school . Please continue to hear your child read at home and sign their reading diary to let us know they have read.

Children who have completed the RWI scheme will now have a reading/ comprehension lesson for 40 mins four times a week, where there will be a focus on developing reading and comprehension skills through a key text. In this session we will also be focusing on spellings and joined up handwriting. Children who have completed the RWI reading books will then move onto reading AR (Accelerated Reader) books. These books are equally matched to the child’s reading ability, as an initial quiz provides each child with a reading level. The children will then get to choose a reading book within their book band levels from our school library, providing each child with autonomy over their reading.They will need to read the book at least twice and then complete a quiz, answering comprehension questions about the book. Please do encourage your child to read as often as is possible at home and again sign their reading diary to let us know when they have read.


In Maths, our focus in Term 5 and 6 will cover the following topics: Fractions, Time, Problem solving,Position and direction and lastly Statistics.

We will also continue with our new Mastering Number program, where we focus on developing our fluency and understanding of number.

To help develop and secure our knowledge of our times tables every child has access to Times Table Rockstars. They should focus on learning their 2, 3 ,5 and 10 times tables. This wonderful resource allows time to practise our times tables in a fun and engaging way. The children have their own log ins inside their reading diaries.

You can access TT Rockstars via this link:

Home learning

Home learning will continue to be set on a Tuesday and is to be completed by the following Monday. This will be set on Google Classroom. All children have their log ins to google classroom in their reading diaries. If you cannot access google classroom please let us know so we can help you with this or if there is a sheet to print out and complete, again let us know if you do not have access to a printer .

Contact us

We are always available after school if you need a quick catch up. If you need a longer or more private meeting, please book this in at the office and we will be happy to accommodate.

If you have a non-urgent message for the team you could email the families email on the address below. This is checked regularly and the message will get to the class team.

Photos of our learning environment